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Photo credit: Luis Lau

Hello world! My name is Tanya, I’m a simple girl from Ukraine.

I always wanted to be a star. But I was just a skinny, insecure kid. And I probably still am.

I studied law at University and worked in the Сourt because my parents wanted me to have a serious job. Till the moment I was ready to do what I WANT. And quit my job.

At that time I was scouted by a modeling agent and offered a contract with modeling agency in Europe.

Approximately two years ago with few pictures in my portfolio, great expectations and all alone I came to Milan for modeling for the first time.

Fashion industry broke many of my ambitious dreams. Because I didn’t fit certain model standards, and some of the standards I didn’t even want to fit.

But I found an inspiration in that sadness and I turned it into a power. Which I want to share with you.

The power to have your own truth. The power to create your reality. 

And I created my own platform with my own ideas and standards. 

Now I do a lot of modeling jobs not because I fit model standards and ideas of shoots but because I create my own. And that’s what I call Art.

Be brave and honest about what you want. Dare to get it if it feels right. And don’t forget to work for it. That is the only rule of success I know.

I call my platform She-World. Because I feel like I create a world myself. 

Do you?