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Photo credit: Luis Lau

Hello world! My name is Tanya, I’m simple girl from Ukraine.

I always wanted to be a star. But I was skinny, insecure kid instead.

I studied law at University and worked in the Сourt because my parents wanted me to have a serious job. Till the moment I was ready to do what I WANT. And quit my job.

At that time I was scouted by a modeling agent and offered a contract with modeling agency in Europe.

Approximately two years ago with few pictures in my portfolio, great expectations and all alone I came to Milan for modeling for the first time.

And I found that modeling it is not all fancy looks, glamorous lifestyle and fame, unless you’re top model which I’m obviously not. For the most of models it is routing, uncomfortable, physical work which is not a fit for the people who have something more than looks to offer.

And I switched it around.

I launched my own platform where I use my looks to serve my purpose. I speak my mind up because I have what to say. I want YOU to know that you create your own world the way I create my SHE-WORLD and you have to be conscious about choices you make. You can, you HAVE to follow your best possible purpose the way I follow my ideas instead of selling myself short as a model. 

Because when you fulfil yourself – everything in life works.

I call my platform SHE-WORLD because I create the world myself.

Do you?