Business English Conversation Class 🏛

Business English conversation class with grammar and vocabulary practice of leading British publishers: Oxford, Pearson.


A speaker and blogger with years of work and education experience with professionals in Ukraine and Europe.


Students receive structured set of Business English materials during the course.

Students spend 90% of time practicing Business English communication and skills during the course.

Students are divided into small groups for better personalized corrections and improvements to their Business English.


Massimo Soriani Bellavista


Tatiana is enthusiastic and responsible about her work and she constantly develops her personal and professional skills thus motivating others to study with her. Tatiana has excellent English speaking and communication skills and she engages her audience in meaningful discussion with her creativity, education and charisma.

Igor Baboshkin

Senior .NET Developer

Tatiana is great conversation specialist as she has interesting work and education experience as a speaker, blogger and fashion model in Europe and Ukraine, wide sphere of interest, knowledge of business and marketing and extensive Business English skills to share.

Dmytriy Belinskiy


Tatiana’s top priority is her and her clients’ development therefore she always invests in her Business English skills and programme with authentic material from credible sources. Me and my management team develop great Business English communication and skills during the lessons with Tatiana.